Best Man Speech Examples


Model One: 


“for the lady of the hour and lucky man, I might want to thank everybody here for advancing toward this flawless wedding, regardless of whether you have traversed the nation or right over the street, the day wouldn’t be what it is without you here to praise it as well.” 

Or on the other hand maybe with a presentation. This can be a presentation about yourself – not every person at the wedding will know what your identity is! And furthermore, a prologue to your fellowship with the lucky man. 


Model Two:


“Welcome women and noble men, my name is Pete and I am the best man for the husband to be here today. We have been companions since I can recollect, and I never envisioned one day I would be remaining here conveying a discourse for his wedding.” 

Women and noble men, I might want to thank (name of husband to be) for the bridesmaids for his (brief/disparaging/kind) words. I concur that the (quantity of bridesmaids) all look (exquisite/alcoholic/sweet/shocked). I was (respected/stunned/confounded) when (name of man of the hour) requested that I be his best man, I had assumed every other person had said no, even (name of most unrealistic visitor) said he had joined the (French Foreign Legion/Samaritans) and couldn’t in any way, shape or form help. 

So here I am, and where do I start? I initially met (name of man of the hour) when we were both at (school/change school/bar, and so forth) when his moniker was (if none utilized, make one up) and we quickly got extraordinary (companions/foes). 

Since that time things have dynamically (better/more regrettable). We have experienced numerous things together, including (pubescence/drinking/celebrating) and generally noteworthy of everything was the point at which we were (age) when (name of man of the hour) got into (interesting story). 


Things didn’t improve either, when (years) after the fact he likewise (interesting story). What’s more, finally we went to the stag night. From what I can review, everything began so quietly, yet wound up in inebriated depravity (story of stag night) when (name of husband to be) wound up (exposed/in prison/attached to a lampost/name of city, and so forth). 

It was (years) prior, when (name of man of the hour) met (name of lady of the hour), the (best/most noticeably terrible/we’ll return to you) thing ever to transpire. It was (love/desire) from the start sight. It took (name of man of the hour) (no. of days/months/years) to work up the determination to solicit (name of lady of the hour) to go (out on the town/hit the hay), and the rest is history. 

I request that all of you currently go along with me in a last toast to the future bliss of the lady of the hour and lucky man. To Mr and Mrs (last name); may their coexistence bring them (much bliss and numerous kids/considerably more joy and a lot more kids). 

“Great evening women and men of honor. I’ll admit to you that I’m amazingly apprehensive at the present time. As the individuals sitting close to me at the table can affirm, it truly is conceivable to smell fear



Example one: “On behalf of the bride and groom, I would like to thank everyone here for making their way to this lovely wedding, whether you have travelled from across the country or just across the road, the day wouldn’t be what it is without you here to celebrate it too.”


Or perhaps with an introduction. This can be an introduction about yourself – not everyone at the wedding will know who you are! And also, an introduction to your friendship with the groom.


Example two: “Welcome ladies and gentlemen, my name is Pete and I am the best man for the groom here today. We have been friends since I can remember, and I never imagined one day I would be standing here delivering a speech for his wedding.”



Example Three: Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to thank (name of groom) on behalf of the bridesmaids for his (brief/patronising/kind) words. I agree that the (number of bridesmaids) all look (lovely/drunk/sweet/taken aback). I was (honoured/shocked/confused) when (name of groom) asked me to be his best man, I had presumed everyone else had said no, even (name of least likely guest) said he had joined the (French Foreign Legion/Samaritans) and couldn’t possibly help.


Example Four: So here I am, and where do I start? I first met (name of groom) when we were both at (school/reform school/pub, etc) when his nickname was (if none used, make one up) and we immediately became great (friends/enemies).


Example Five: Since that time things have got progressively (better/worse). We have been through many things together, including (puberty/drinking/partying) and most memorable of all was when we were (age) when (name of groom) got into (amusing anecdote).


Example Six: Things didn’t get much better either, when (years) later he also (amusing anecdote). And at last we came to the stag night. From what I can recall, it all started off so sedately, but ended up in drunken debauchery (story of stag night) when (name of groom) ended up (naked/in jail/tied to a lampost/name of city, etc).


Example Seven: It was (years) ago, when (name of groom) met (name of bride), the (best/worst/we’ll come back to you) thing ever to happen to him. It was (love/lust) at first sight. It took (name of groom) (no. of days/months/years) to pluck up the courage to ask (name of bride) to go (out on a date/go to bed), and the rest is history.


Example Eight: I ask you all now to join me in a final toast to the future happiness of the bride and groom. To Mr and Mrs (surname); may their life together bring them (much happiness and many children/much more happiness and many more children). 


Example Nine: “Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I’ll admit to you that I’m extremely nervous right now. As the people sitting near to me at the table can testify, it really is possible to smell fear.” 

Ideas to plan a wedding/planning essentials: 

Nail the budget


Don’t spend anything until you’ve set a realistic budget that won’t stretch you too far. It’s a common mistake to forget all the little extras, too – for the budget to work, you need to factor in every detail. Don’t forget to account for additional costs like dress alterations, gifts and beauty expenses. These can all add up!


Helping hands


Although it’s your big day, your friends and family will be more than willing to help and will want to be involved in the planning. By getting help from people you trust, you’re more likely to feel that you can be honest if things aren’t exactly as you want them!


Be selective with the guest list


Sorting the guest list early is important so you can then focus on finding the perfect venue that will cater for your chosen number of guests. Costs per head will most likely be your biggest expense, so don’t be guilt–tripped into inviting people you don’t want to come. It’s the biggest and hardest decision in the whole planning process, but it has to be yours and your h2b’s decision only.


Buy a Wedding Planning Book


For couples who opt to take on the wedding planning process sans a professional planner or coordinator, a traditional etiquette and guidebook (such as The Wedding Book) is a wealth of information and expert advice, including tips and tricks and even examples of timelines and checklists.


Select a Theme


Whether it’s specific wedding colours, seasonal or style inspiration, or an actual theme (like the Roaring Twenties or Festival Chic, for example), sometimes it’s helpful to choose a concept to design your wedding around. Once you have an aesthetic in mind, it’s easier to make design decisions, and generally, everything looks more cohesive.


Start Working on Your Guest List


Making decisions about the guest list can be a complicated process and one that will depend largely on your venue and budget. Sit down with your partner and key family members to put together a wish list of wedding guests. Chances are, you’ll need to make some cuts. You will also need to decide whether you’re inviting children and who will be allotted a plus one.


Talk to Other Married Couples


Have you recently attended a wedding that you really enjoyed? By all means, ask that couple for advice and insights. They probably have some expert tips and tricks that they learned along the way that they’d be more than happy to share with you. Sometimes, friends and family are the best resources.


Determine Your Bridal Style


Find a few resources of bridal inspiration you like best—Pinterest, Instagram, magazines, trusty bridal sites (including Brides, of course!)—and start researching. Having a good sense of the type of wedding style you want helps immensely once you start meeting with potential vendors. Don’t overwhelm yourself with all the wedding inspiration that’s out there. Creating one or more Pinterest boards—or even a visual collage on a cork or poster board—will help you to figure out what sort of look and feel you really want and keep you aligned with your larger vision.

How to entertain guests at your wedding 

Recruit crowd performers Magicians are consistently a strong hit. 


Many individuals imagine that once visitors are situated at their tables, there’s no compelling reason to engage them any longer. Truly, normally food and drink will keep your visitor all around oiled for the duration of the night, however a performer cooperating with them will help make an increasingly noteworthy night. Recruit a performer to do stunts, or shouldn’t something be said about a palm peruser or crystal gazer? A superstar impersonator or carbon copy could be a ton of fun, as well, and make extraordinary photograph openings. Live painters or exaggeration drawers are additionally incredible choices, or in the event that you truly need to put it all out there, recruit singing servers and staff. Performers like this will liven up a beverages gathering, as well. 


Photograph corners and photograph dividers past photograph stall


Its ubiquity never appears to stop, and all things considered. In any case, why not step it up a couple of scores with customized props that recount to your visitors a mind-blowing tale together? Use things of dress, old caps or make an account scenery – the open doors are perpetual. On the other hand, you can construct a photograph divider where visitors can posture for entertainment only photographs. Decide on a living bloom divider for the Instagram factor, spread it with inflatables or sprinkle out on photograph sheets of one another for your visitors to present close to. Another top tip: have a Polaroid camera accessible for moment print-outs that visitors can compose a little message on and put in your guestbook. You could likewise set up a video region for visitors to make their own smaller than normal recordings of the activity for an increasingly casual interpretation of wedding videography. Remember to make an Instagram hashtag for the huge day! 


The Polaroid has made a rebound as of late, and this retro variant has got all the nostalgic vibes, however with the intensity of present day innovation. Why not let your visitors snap one another, and make their own photograph divider on the large day? 

DIY Food-Going down the untraditional course with regards to food can really fill in as amusement, also an extraordinary path for your visitors to connect with one another. Having road food stations will give your visitors more alternatives and can make exploring dietary necessities simpler. Or then again shouldn’t something be said about tacos, fit to be collected at the table, or a hot stone for individuals to cook their own meat on? Brushing tables are an extraordinary thought as well, to shield visitors from protesting with hunger as the extended length of holding up between the service and supper looms. You can make nibble tables heaped high with exquisite and sweet treats, for example, pinnacles of doughnuts, waffles, cheddar fondues, and that’s just the beginning. Go the additional mile with a new crepe station or a frozen yogurt slow down, loaded with all the fixings! 


Karaoke  By the night’s end, everybody is singing the words to all the bangers the wedding DJ is booming out in any case, so why not allow them to do it appropriately? Recruit or purchase a karaoke machine with various amplifiers – complete it with inflatable instruments, hairpieces and musically-themed props for a definitive gathering impact. 


kids/youngsters’ amusement  Organizing a fortune chase or employing somebody to do confront painting will likewise keep the little ones involved, while having a play room or territory kitted out with fundamental toys and shading books is an increasingly easy arrangement. You could even make a sparkle bar for the children while you’re in hair and cosmetics – a few grown-ups should get in on the activity as well. 


Make a slideshow of  pictures or recordings 


From your carries on with together and make them move on a screen for the duration of the day. This will mean there’s continually something to take a gander at and your visitors can get a brief look at what your life resembles on an everyday premise. Make sure to incorporate film of loved ones (particularly the wince y photographs) to advise them that they are a piece of your lives. They will value the signal on a day like this. 




Alternative visitor books have truly taken off and there is no restriction to your innovativeness here. You can set up puzzle renditions, yearbook-style ones, storybook visitor books, surrounded ones, even a wine bottle! It’s a cool method to recollect the day and have your visitors make a token for you to see a long time down the line with affectionate recollections. 


Chinese lamps high up or coasting onto a lake


Encased with well-wishing notes from your visitors? Not exclusively will this structure a definitive consummation of the night, it will accumulate every one of your visitors for an awesome shared second.

How to write a wedding vows 

    1. Start with a statement about who this person is to you. Your best friend, your lover, your partner in crime, or your everything.
    2. Continue by saying what it is you love about your partner. What about this person has led you to promise forever? When did you realize you were in love? What do you miss when you’re not around each other? Jotting down all of your ideas and each of things you love about this person can make it easier to get your thoughts together, find a theme and focus in on a few items that really stand out. Don’t worry about saying every little thing, if you were to do that your ceremony would go on forever.
    3. Use a story to bring this love to life. This is a great moment to tell a story or use an anecdote to bring your love to life. A personal story is memorable and will give your guests an intimate look into your love for one another.
    4. Lay out exactly what it is you are promising. Make promises to your partner and vow to stick to them. Such as, “I vow to always support you,” or “I promise to never steal the covers unless, you’re hogging them.” Mention specific ways you will show your love— in romantic ways, funny ways and ways only the two of you could understand. If the two of you are celebrating your faith on your wedding day, you can incorporate religious wedding vows and wedding bible verses too. Use words like I vow, I promise and I pledge.
    5. Use romantic wedding vows to personalize your promise. Use romantic wedding vows to encompass your promise, love and devotion.
    6. Use funny wedding vows to personalize your promise. Your wedding day will be one of the happiest days of your life. Add humor to your wedding vows so they stay true to the two of you.
    7. Mention specific things the two of you will do together. Continue this portion of your vows by mentioning the specific things you will accomplish together. Using phrases like: “With you,” “I will,” and “Together.”
    8. Don’t forget to add that you’ll be there even when times get rough. Reassure your partner that this is for better or for worse, in sickness and in health.
    9. Wrap your vows up with a look towards the future. Think about your goals, aspirations and future. Will your love help you through the home remodel? How will your love set the tone for the way you raise your family? What are you looking forward to sharing with this special person.
    10. “As long as we both shall live.” End your vows with one last promise, the promise of forever, for eternity and until death do us part.
    11. Proceed by saying what it is you love about your accomplice. Shouldn’t something be said about this individual has driven you to guarantee until the end of time? When did you understand you were infatuated? What do you miss when you’re not around one another? Writing down the entirety of your thoughts and every one of things you love about this individual can make it simpler to get your musings together, discover a subject and spotlight in on a couple of things that truly stick out. Try not to stress over saying each seemingly insignificant detail, if you somehow managed to do that your service would go on until the end of time.
    12. Utilize a story to rejuvenate this adoration. This is an incredible second to recount to a story or utilize a tale to rejuvenate your affection. An individual story is paramount and will give your visitors a cozy investigate your adoration for each other. 
    13. Spread out precisely what it is you are promising. Make vows to your accomplice and pledge to adhere to them. For example, “I pledge to consistently bolster you,” or “I guarantee to never take the spreads except if, no doubt about it.” Mention explicit ways you will show your adoration—in sentimental ways, clever ways and ways just you two could comprehend. On the off chance that you two are praising your confidence on your big day, you can fuse strict marital promises and wedding book of scriptures stanzas as well. Use words like I pledge, I guarantee and I vow. 
    14. Utilize sentimental marital promises to customize your guarantee. Utilize sentimental marital promises to incorporate your guarantee, love and dedication.  
    15. Utilize amusing marital promises to customize your guarantee. Your big day will be perhaps the most joyful days of your life. Add amusingness to your marital promises so they remain consistent with you two. 
    16. Notice explicit things you two will do together. Proceed with this segment of your promises by referencing the particular things you will achieve together. Utilizing phrases like: “With you,” “I will,” and “Together.” =
    17. Remember to include that you’ll be there in any event, when times get harsh. Promise your accomplice this is for better or for more regrettable, in affliction and in wellbeing. 
    18. Wrap your pledges up with a look towards what’s to come. Consider your objectives, yearnings and future. Will your adoration help you through the home rebuild? In what manner will your affection set the pace for the manner in which you raise your family? What are you anticipating imparting to this unique individual. 
    19. “For whatever length of time that we both will live.” End your pledges with one final guarantee, the guarantee of always, forever and until the end of time

Food ideas for events:

  • Rainbow Chocolate-Covered Strawberries
  • Strawberry Roses
  • Cracker, Cheese and Fruit Tray
  • Coffee Bar
  • Fruit Tree- It’s a good idea to include fruit in your dessert options for those who prefer something with less refined sugar. But throwing the fruit in a bowl with some prongs is so very boring. Instead, look at this dramatic presentation using a tree. You can use a variety of different string or ribbon that goes along with your theme. Invite guests to pull or snip the sweet treats they want from your tree.
  • Uplighting- The display is as important as the food. In this example, the food is “organized” in a square shelving unit with a rainbow of colored lights. This is a good way to solidify branding or make an impression in what could otherwise be a very low-lit room.
  • Walking Ice Cream Servers- Ice cream at an outdoor event is a nice idea but it requires a lot of staff and running back and forth to serve it before it melts. But not if you use this idea of a wearable serving tray.

Ceremony and reception

The Processional


For one thing, the processional. This is when individuals from your close family and wedding party head down the path and either discover a seat or take their places on either side of the special stepped area. The processional starts with the grandparents, courses through the guardians, groom, officiant, wedding party, bloom young lady, and ring conveyor, and closures with the lady of the hour making her passage.

Words of Welcome- When everybody is set up, the officiant will say a couple of expressions of welcome. The individual in question may thank visitors for demonstrating the veracity of your association, just as welcome everybody to your scene and your festival.


Opening Remarks and Introduction 


Next, the officiant will offer a presentation and a few considerations on marriage. This could be a short describing of your romantic tale, words on what marriage intends to you, or an announcement about the function to come and what it speaks to.




From that point, in the event that you are remembering readings of any kind for your service, perusers will be welcomed up to share a couple of words. You could have your officiant present each perusing and peruser or have things stream all the more normally between perusers.


Exchange Vows


After the readings have been shared, you two will trade promises. This is likewise the part where you’ll put rings on one another’s fingers as images of your marriage.

Unity Ceremony- In case you’re anticipating having a solidarity function, this is a decent an ideal opportunity to fuse it. In a solidarity custom, the couple accomplishes something that genuinely represents their new association, for example, utilizing two candles to light a solitary flame or restricting their hands along with lace.


Final Blessings


The ceremony is a religious affair, this is the proper time for a final prayer.

Best wedding gifts

– I do/ I do As I’m told Mug set 

– Custom metallic heart shaped map print

– Personalised chopping board

– personalised slate Mr and Mrs clock

– personalised framed wedding photo print 

– personalised wooden wedding keepsake box for couples

– personalised couples oak coat hooks

– wooden engraved wedding wall plaque

– metallic heart shaped city map print

– personalised couples wine glass set

– personalised story of us keepsake box

– personalised couples special dates

– personalised wooden memory box for couples

– personalised wooden pot planter by warners end


*Wedding and covid 19

As weddings typically bring lots of families and friends into close contact, they are particularly vulnerable to the spread of coronavirus. 


The government has published guidelines on how to have a ”Covid-secure” wedding in England.


  • Venues can only reopen if they can do so safely
  • Ceremonies should be kept as short as possible
  • No food or drink should be consumed unless it is essential for the ceremony
  • Group singing and playing of instruments should be avoided
  • A maximum of 30 people should attend ceremonies, and only where there is space to socially distance. 
  • This includes all guests, the officiant and any staff not employed by the venue, like a photographer
  • Social distancing of at least one metre between different households should be practised at all times
  • It is”strongly advised” that receptions do not take place afterwards, with only small celebrations of six people outside or two households inside taking place. 
  • The venue should keep a temporary record of visitors for 21 days, in case they need to be traced
  • The government says it is working with the weddings industry to see how receptions could take place safely in the future.


DDo’s and dont’s at wedding

DO give yourselves additional time for greeting structure 

Triple checking spelling and dates, planning to and fro with a printer or greeting creator, searching for little subtleties to upgrade your greeting and stand separated, the entirety of this requires significant investment. To get the look you truly need, give yourselves a couple of months to design and not race through this procedure. 

Remember about your. wedding site. (also, do play around with it!) 

We cherished making our wedding site, remembering stories, sharing photographs of our wedding gathering and commitment and it spared us a ton of time when visitors asked us inquiries—we basically alluded them to the site. 

Accomplish work with a wedding organizer – It has been SO ideal to have somebody to call and settle on me feel sure about my choices, to bob thoughts off of, to look to for new thoughts, and to reveal to me things like how long supper should last or what causes individuals to get up and move. I know how significant a wedding organizer is the day and seven day stretch of the occasion yet paving the way to that time, our own have caused us to feel loose about the whole experience as well and that has a major effect. 

DO set some cash aside for unforeseen overage charges and spending things you may disregard – Indeed, even little subtleties like getting your shower has thank you endowments, postage and transportation, each one of those little things include after some time. 

DO keep a rundown of individual and imaginative thoughts as you plan your wedding – Keeping a document in my telephone has permitted me to rejuvenate a portion of my own thoughts. Without that running rundown, I’m sure I would have overlooked a large portion of them! You can’t depend on your seller group to think of all your own thoughts, you know you two best, so share that data and team up on something totally one of a kind. 

DO make a. Pinterest board. before you meet with your group – Everybody will request to perceive what you like. I was shocked what number of classifications of wedding experts expected to see our Pinterest board before they could push ahead with their own thoughts. Set aside some effort to clergyman photographs you love and let your group alter and structure around it. 

DO make an arrangement. before you register. 

Try not to hold up until the last moment to design your. practice supper. 

We were so centered around finding our wedding area, we didn’t invest a lot of energy into arranging a practice supper. We figured that could pause. Be that as it may, when the solicitations needed to go to print we wound up scrambling to tie down the subtleties of the practice so as to incorporate everybody at our goal wedding in it.

Good ideas for events

– Buying Bridesmaid Gifts

– Write Your Menu on a Mirror

– Decorate Tables with Photos of the couples

– Make Your Own Confetti

– Make Your Own Wedding Signs

– Print out Photos of Your & Your Guests

– Write Personalised Thank You Notes

– Animal Guests-  bring animal guests to your event to pose for photos

Customary Pakistani Ceremonies

Generally, Pakistani Weddings have 6 services (there might be more!). Here are notable and some not all that notable customs paving the way to the enormous day:

The Mangni – formal commitment of the couple, with a couple of significant relatives and where the wedding date is chosen.

Dolki – a mainstream function of singing conventional wedding and well known melodies joined by a few percussion instruments. The lady of the hour wears a customary yellow outfit.

Rasm E Mehndi – henna party a day prior to the wedding, where henna is applied to the ladies hand and feet. Mehndi is applied in excellent flower plans and now and again the men of the hour name is written in the plans for him to discover later.

Nikah – simply Islamic authority wedding service, that normally happens at the ladies home, the nikah is gone to by close relatives.

Ruksati – function to say goodbye to the lady of the hour prior to her flight to the husbands to be house.

Walima – is the function to report the wedding to network and companions. It’s a fantastic gathering facilitated by the husband to be’s folks. Family members, companions and network individuals are welcome to the gathering and wedding is praised with extraordinary fun and merriments.

So there you have it, bunches of celebrating, food and delightful expound outfits!

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