Wedding videography and photography bundles 


Picking which wedding video bundle suits you best can be dubious, particularly when looking at changed wedding videographers; so we’ve given both of you fundamental decisions to attempt to rearrange things. We offer a bundle with it is possible that one videographer or two videographers, and the entirety of our wedding film bundles incorporate both a short features trailer just as a full component film of your day. Both the features and highlight film however can be custom-made to suit your necessities. The component film can incorporate the function, discourses and first move all in full in addition to all the astonishing pieces in the middle of set to a support soundtrack of your decision, or we can likewise pick the best pieces from every one of these parts and produce the film to your favored length. Our movies are then conveyed on HD USB so you are allowed to cause duplicates and we to can even transfer your features to our Vimeo page for you to impart to your loved ones on the web. On the off chance that the bundles beneath don’t fit with your arrangements and you might want a more close to home statement for your wedding or function inclusion at that point please connect. 


We likewise offer a joined Videography and Photography bundle beginning from just £2000. Covering nine hours on your day with one videographer and one picture taker this bundle spares £500 off of the individual bundle costs. Booking our bundle implies you are getting a picture taker and videographer who know how each other work and will cooperate to give you the most ideal inclusion. Add photography to any Full Day or 2 Camera Video bundle for a limited pace of £750 for one picture taker or £1250 for two photographic artists. Contact us for full filming and media prices.


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Entire Day – One Videographer Package 


Include PHOTOGRAPHY FOR £750 AND SAVE £500. 

The Full-day is our most mainstream bundle and conceals to 9 hours of recording with one videographer. Contingent upon your agenda this could commonly incorporate wedding arrangements through until soon after the primary move. 

Remembered for this bundle:  

1 videographer. 

On the off chance that conceivable we will utilize 2 camera plots for the service and speeches**. 

9 hours inclusion * (extra hours £50 every hour). 

Highlight film in Full HD on USB Drive. This film will incorporate your service, discourses and first move in full in addition to all the best pieces in the middle of time permitting. 

Features trailer (simply like the models seen our wedding videography page). 

Melodic soundtrack of your decision ***.

Entire Day – Two Videographer Package 



Our 2 camera bundle accompanies all the highlights of the entire day bundle however with a 2 man film team for as long as 10 hours, so we truly can be in two places immediately. This permits us to: 

Film the two accomplices arrangements. 

Catch the function from up to three points when feasible for more noteworthy realistic impact. 

Film the photograph shoot from different points, or permit one videographer to stay with the visitors so nothing is missed. 

Film close-ups of the speaker during the addresses while catching the couple’s/crowd’s responses. 

Get that staggering wide-point shot of the principal move while additionally slicing to suggest close-ups. 

Remembered for this bundle: 

2 videographers recording with 3 HD DSLRs and utilizing extra video balancing out gear for moving shots. 

3 cameras plots for function and discourses where conceivable. 

10 hours inclusion * (extra hours £50 every hour per videographer). 

Highlight film in Full HD on USB Drive. 

Features trailer. 

Melodic soundtrack of your choice. 

Half-Day Video Package 



Half-Day shoot concealing to 5 hours of recording. It’s up to you what 5 hour time of the day we shoot however commonly this could incorporate marriage arrangements through the beginning of the wedding breakfast, or possibly the service until the talks if your timings permit. 

Remembered for this bundle: 

1 videographer with 5 hours inclusion * 

Highlight film in Full HD duplicate of your component film on USB Drive. 

Features trailer (for the most part around 4-5 minutes in length). 

Melodic soundtrack of your decision ***. 


Our consolidated bundles accompany the entirety of the highlights recorded from both the individual videography and photography bundles however with an extraordinary sparing. Costs are as per the following: 

£2000 For 1 Photographer and 1 videographer for as long as 9 hours inclusion. 

£2500 For either 1 Photographer and 2 Videographers or 2 Photographers and 1 Videographer for as long as 10 hours. 

£3000 For 2 Photographers and 2 Videographers for as long as 10 hours. 

Additional hours can be included for £50 per picture taker/videographer. 


Our picture taker Chris’ style is loose and regular, abstaining from presenting where conceivable and never getting you far from your visitors longer than you need to be. We can give photography to either work close by our astounding group of videographers or freely with another organization. Whichever way we endeavor to give you a definitive inclusion. We don’t have confidence in implementing photographs collections and prints on you, when we convey your photographs they are all yours and you are allowed to make your own printing plans. 


£700 Half day/£1250 Full Day with 1 Photographer/£1750 for Full day with 2 picture takers 

We plan to convey all photographs when we can, focusing on conveyance in 6 two months yet to prop you up to that point, the entirety of our Wedding Photography bundles and consolidated photograph and video bundles accompany a photograph video montage conveyed the week after your wedding. Look at Paris and Gary’s wedding photograph video montage here. We do exclude watermarks or printing limitations on your pictures. 

Our photography bundles likewise accompany the accompanying: 

£1250 Full day with one Photographer 

Full-day shoots conceal to 9 hours * with 400+ pictures conveyed on USB. 

Add photography to any Full Day or 2 Camera video bundle for £750 (Saving £500). 

£1700 Full day with 2 picture takers 

Full-day shoots conceal to 10 hours * with 600+ pictures conveyed on USB. 

Add 2 picture takers to any Full Day or 2 Camera video bundle for £1250 (Saving £500). 

£700 Half Day with one picture taker 

Half-day shoot conceals to 5 hours * with 200+ pictures conveyed on USB. 

Add photography to our Half Day video Package for £500 (Saving £200). 

We don’t give airborne videography or photography as a feature of our bundles yet we can orchestrate drone enlist independently with one of our suggested pilots, so please address us in the event that you might want a statement for drone film. 

* Coverage hours to run simultaneously. 

** We will try to film all services with two cameras to give that subsequent point, however space and timings mean this isn’t generally conceivable. It would be ideal if you additionally note that the subsequent point may should be left unattended and accordingly it might be out of our control if this point is darkened by a visitor or non-individual from the Filmmakers of London group. 

*** For home survey just, movies to be shown online will be created utilizing eminence free music. 

In the event that you might want us to film/take photographs for longer than the spans recorded above then we just charge £50 every hour per camera administrator on any of our entire day bundles, or £100 every hour on our half-day bundles. 

Prices substantial until the finish of 2021. 

All costs incorporate all costs and travel inside 100 miles of London. 

All Packages plan to be conveyed inside about two months of the function date despite the fact that this might be marginally longer at top occasions (July – October). You will be given a more exact assessed conveyance date at the hour of your function.

Asian Wedding Video London 

We just love shooting Asian wedding recordings and have been essential for some astounding days throughout the long term, covering some genuinely excellent Hindu, Muslim and Sikh weddings. We love the shading and the vibrance, just as the seriousness and conventions yet we’re not going to mislead anybody, above all we love the food! Primarily represent considerable authority in Hindu functions we have had the joy to film numerous customary Hindu Wedding services and have been to some stunning settings incorporating the Oshwal Center in Potters Bar and Bhaktivedanta Manor, Hare Krishna Temple. We mean to give you however much space as could be expected on your big day, we don’t utilize crane or jibs and attempt to guarantee we are essential for the foundation and yet guaranteeing the entirety of the lovely minutes are caught impeccably. With regards to the move floor we move up and sleeves and get included as well, as we probably am aware the move floor will bounce. We have had the joy to work together with probably the best Asian wedding Dj’s also including Dynamic Road Show, Contagious DJ, and Fab Events.  

If it’s not too much trouble investigate a portion of our number one Asian wedding Videos that we have shot throughout the long term and on the off chance that you might want to talk about what we could offer for your inclusion at that point please connect.

Jewish Wedding Video London 

With regards to Jewish wedding recordings experience is everything. From the Tisch and The Bedeken to the wedding service under the Chuppah and the breaking of the Glass, to the Hamotzi and beauty after dinners and not overlooking the Israeli moving we know a great deal goes into a Jewish wedding day. We’ve had the supreme delight of being important for some awesome London Jewish weddings throughout the long term. From being Featured in Smashing the Glass (for Amanda and Adam’s video underneath) to recording Jewish weddings at the Waldorf Hilton, One Great George Street, and Sopwell House we’ve seen them come in every unique shape and sizes. When covering Jewish weddings we suggest having a bundle with two videographers, particularly in the event that you are having more than 100 visitors. This shouldn’t imply that that we can’t deliver a delightful video with only one videographer (both Daniela and Joel and Amanda and Adam beneath were shot with just videographer), however having a second videographer permits us to cover a lot more. It permits us to film the entirety of the Tisch, while one videographer can keep on recording visitors showing up and the wedding arrangements, and with regards to shooting the Chuppah that additional camera point guarantees we don’t miss a thing. A second videographer likewise implies we can cover a lot more of the moving, particularly if the move floor is part among people. 

We just love the vibrance and beat of the Jewish wedding day, in spite of the fact that we are totally depleted when we return home. For a large portion of the day we stay away, giving you space to have fun without feeling like you’re on a film set. We urge you to absorb the seriousness of the service and customs, yet once the Israeli moving beginnings we focus in and get included and gets those points in the main part of the activity. We have had the benefit to work with and film probably the best wedding show groups in London as well, including the Function Band, The XS Show-band and One Entertainment. 

We couldn’t want anything more than to hear more about your day and what you have arranged, and will readily come to meet you before either reserving or subsequent to booking during the arranging phase of your function to examine what we can offer. Up to that point please examine only a couple of the London Jewish wedding recordings we have created throughout the long term.


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