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Passionate, Diverse & Innovative We have the leading specialists in event production and design. From organisation, custom creation and production activities. We have the technical experiences, wide angle of visionary and ability to make any event a success.  No work is too small at LV Marquee, Marquee Venue and no challenge is too big to handle.
We’re a team of problem solvers
and innovative people who like to take on difficult tasks for our clients and come up with out off the box solutions.
We have it covered, if you are looking for Audio, Visual, Lighting, Special Effects, Video Mapping, Content Creation, Wedding Cake Mapping. If you need something impactful for a product launch or are looking to host a grand party speak to us and we will be happy to assist and provide you the most suitable options around your requirements.

On-scale floorplans and heights, tweaked furniture and embellishments, just as unmistakable botanical marks and table plans result legitimately from the endorsed 3D structure. Creation can formally begin, and quality control stays at the centre of Lakeview Marquee’s interests. Our group are full of in-house wedding organizers, circuit repairmen, craftsmen, flower specialists and welders; or through the arrangement of our most confided in outside temporary workers; Lakeview Marquee centre is to convey the affirmed delivering in a convenient, perfect way.

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